Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shadow box

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today in Southwestern Ontario, it's a beautiful sunny day, albeit a bit cold, but not unseasonable at all, so who can complain? Looking at the sun out my window makes me want to be out there in the garden, or lounging on the deck, or anywhere but in the house. But alas, it's still a bit chilly to do any of those things so I am going to share another project of mine with you instead.

This is a shadowbox I created with my FAVE picture of my boys. When you are creating with pictures that you love, you really can't go wrong. So here it is, I absolutely love it and definately have to find a spot for it on a wall.

Enjoy your Thursday! Life is GOOD! :-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Scrapbook retreat EVER!

Hey all, I have been away for awhile so it is high time for another post. I thought today I would let you all know (for those of you who don't already) about the BEST scrapbook retreat ever. If you live in Northern Michigan or South-Western Ontario, a visit to Memories Manor is a MUST.  The house is a late 1800's mansion located in beautiful St. Clair, Michigan and caters to scrapbookers with stunning accomodations and exemplary service. Here is a photo of the house itself:

Visit their website HERE to find out more about the history of the house, see more pictures, and also to find out how you can book a retreat with them. They are completely booked (if you've been, you know exactly why this is the case!) for more than a year, so if you want to be a part of the Manor experience, my advice to you would be to get a few girlfriends together, decide on a weekend and book for whenever you can, because I can guarantee you will not regret it. I can't wait to go back myself later this month! Yay!

Happy Monday and Happy April everyone!